Free of Fear Bowling Presents: Holiday Classic 2023

  • December 29th - Friday Night Shift 7pm
  • December 30th - A Squad 9am, B Squad 2pm
  • Advancers Round will begin Saturday at approximately 6:30
  • 40 Bowlers Per Shift (120 Max)
  • $55 Entry Fee ($42 to Prize Fund, $11 Lineage, $2 Expenses)
  • Handicap will be based on 90% of 215, using last year's highest book average
  • 3 Games of Qualifying
  • Cut to top 1:5 bowlers (24 based on a full field)
  • Pins carry over to advancers round
  • Bowlers in the advancers round will bowl 2 games, and the 4 highest 5 game totals will advance to our head to head matchplay finals
  • 1v4, 2v3, and the winners will bowl each other to determine our Inaugural Holiday Classic Champion!!

Inaugural Free of Fear Holiday Classic Champion - Brendon Thornburg

Brendon Thornburg won the first ever Free of Fear event on December 30th, 2023! He overcame 119 other bowlers on the weekend, a field including a couple of PBA Professionals! He defeated Jean Perez in the semi-finals, and defeated David Haffner in the finals to take home $850 and the trophy!

Advancers Round Results

Friday Night Squad Leader - Chad Lykins Sr

Chad Lykins Sr. had 793 on the Friday night shift to lead the squad, and finished 3rd/4th in the tournament!

Saturday 9am Squad Leader - Cory Gregg

Cory Gregg had 736 on the Saturday 2pm squad to lead, and finished 9th!

Saturday 2pm Squad Leader - Jean Perez

Jean Perez not only lead his squad but lead the entire field of 120 bowlers with 811! Jean finished 3rd/4th and lost to the eventual champ!

  • High Lady & Senior To Miss Cut For Advancers Round

    Lady - Sydney Nelson

    Senior - Dave Pensinger

  • Ball Raffle/Free Entry Winners

    Ball Raffle - Bob Banter

    Free Entry - Misty Marcum

  • Bowlers to Bowl All Available Squads

    Dewayne Burton

    Dusten Delk

    Jeff Harris

    Toby Golder

Thank You To Our Sponsors of This Year's Tournament!!

Builtburg Construction

$300 Sponsor!

Iceburg Ice Cream

$100 Sponsor!

C.L. Pressure Washing Services LLC

$100 Sponsor!

Nick The Barber @

Maxwell's Barbershop

$100 Sponsor!