Meet Our Team

Vice President #1

Chase Kramer

Chase has been with Free of Fear since the beginning! He was one of the first to receive a shirt and now he is helping build the brand. As VP, Chase oversees a large portion of the plans here at Free of Fear. See Chase's picks down below!!

Chase's Picks!

Vice President #2/Head of Design

Jacob Harper

Jacob Harper has been working with Free of Fear for a while now, although now he is our Head of Design! Jacob will be in charge of the majority of designs and logos, as well as serving a big hand in our content creation.

Jacob's Picks!


Scotty Kramer III

Scotty started Free of Fear in 2020, and has built onto it ever since. He is head of production and oversees FOF Bowling. Scotty started Free of Fear to push positivity into the community, and each customer helps achieve that goal!

Scotty's Picks!

Brand Ambassador

Jalen Mosley

Jalen is a bowler originally out of Indianapolis. Jalen became a known face in the bowling community at a young age, after finishing 13th in the USBC Masters at 16 years old. He is now bowling in Cincinnati and representing us around the country at PBA tournaments. Jalen is a great ambassador as he represents everything we do. Jalen takes his and others' mental health seriously, as you should.

Jalen's Picks!